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ATLOS is Loan Application Software that allows lenders to collect and store loan data, fill and e-sign forms, manage documents, and much more. Lenders using ATLOS can completely eliminate paper, resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs, and reduced risk.

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Tired Of All The Paper?

Lenders processing loan applications using ATLOS can eliminate paper waste by storing their borrower's loan documentation in a central secure online repository.

What we offer

ATLOS is Web-Based Loan Software used for storing loan data and documents while processing a loan application. Lenders, such as mortgage companies and banks, can easily collect, store, and share all loan documentation.

Why you need it

Processing Loan Applications with ATLOS can increase productivity, while reducing errors, fraud, and other risk. Lenders using ATLOS often reduce costs by as much as 17%, while processing Loan Applications 20% faster.

How it works

ATLOS is web-based and hosted. This means that you don't have to purchase hardware, or install loan software. You simply login from our website, and you have instant access to all of your borrowers loan data and documents.

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Store Loan Data

Easily customize our web forms to store any type of loan data in your own personal ATLOS database. Data stored within ATLOS can be used to fill PDF forms, drive rules, and more.

  • Create loan processing workflows
  • Connect other systems using our API
  • Create field rules, linking, and more
  • Import or Export loan data
  • Custom Calculation Engine

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Fill & E-Sign PDF Forms

Import any fillable PDF, and quickly map it with data from your ATLOS Web Form fields. Create digital signature fields within your forms, and allow any number of signors to electronically sign documents online.

  • Form field validation to ensure completion
  • Supports many field types such as text, checks, radio buttons
  • Signature fields use FIPS 140-2/3 level cryptographic protection
  • Knoweledge base authentication and comprehensive audit log
  • Automatically embed IP Address, Email, Date, and Time

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Document Management

Upload and Store all supporting documents with the ability to view, edit, annotate, merge, and extract pages. No third party software required.

  • Create a required documents checklist
  • Upload PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, and more
  • Quickly compile any number of documents into a single PDF
  • View documents by status, category, group, and more
  • Email or Fax documents from ATLOS
  • Barcodes and Document Recognition Engine for automated indexing
  • Allow third parties such as borrowers to directly upload documents

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Much More!

ATLOS provides a document recognition engine that can automatically identify and sort your disclosure documents and other various credit documents.

In Addition, ATLOS provides a dashboard, task management, reports, user permissions, notifications, and a comprehensive audit log.

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All of Your Information is Hosted in our Secure Tier 4 Data Centers.

Never again will you need to install software. All you need is an internet connection and you're ready to go.

Security and Redundancy

ATLOS servers are hosted within a tier 4 data center, which offers the highest level of security and redundancy. The data center has 24x7x365 on site security and monitoring.

ATLOS uses the latest encryption standards, firewall technology, and each clients loan data is isolated within a unique database and document repository

ATLOS is EI3PA certified, which requires the use of the latest most robust security standards

Backup and Recovery

ATLOS performs nightly backups, on disk, both on site and at a secure remote location.

In order to minimize recovery times, ATLOS creates a nightly virtual server image, which is stored on external hard drives. If required, this virtual image can be restored to active production in less than 2 hours.

These are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose to host their loan data and documents with ATLOS.

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