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What is ATLOS

ATLOS is an online mortgage software that allows banks and mortgage companies to manage their loan documents electronically. Going paperless with ATLOS allows you to easily manage your files because you can email, fax, receive, share, and store your documents all in one platform. ATLOS also simplifies the way you manage your loan process by allowing your partners and/or clients to create an account, start an application, upload docs, view loan statuses, receive email notifications, and add comments from any computer with internet access. Of course, all of these actions are permission based.

Who uses ATLOS

Banks, brokers, contract processors, and other mortgage professionals use ATLOS to process mortgage loan files electronically, increase production while reducing errors, fraud, and other risk. Using ATLOS allows companies to eliminate the costs, and risks associated with creating and storing paper loan files.

How does ATLOS work with my current Loan Origination System

ATLOS is a complement to your current LOS system. We enhance your business by offering an online platform that connects you, your business partners, and your clients. You do not want to give your partners and clients access to your LOS, but because everything in ATLOS is permission based, you have total control over how information is shared and with whom it is shared.

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