Document Imaging for the Mortgage Industry

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If you are still handling paper to process mortgage applications, you need to go digital. You can do this with Atlos paperless loan processing systems. If you have heard that systems like ours can’t handle document imaging, let us prove otherwise.

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How to Speed up Mortgage Closing with eSignature!

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With technology quickly advancing, the mortgage industry is incorporating a way to improve the consumer experience and expedite your mortgage closing with eSignature.

Atlos believes that going paperless with eSignature is the way to speed up the mortgage closing process and receive several benefits (sourced

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Are You Ready to go Paperless in Less Than 24 Hours?

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If you are tired of the hassles of loan processing with paper forms, you can be paperless with Atlos in less than 24 hours! It’s safe, organized, and best of all simple to use. When you choose Atlos paperless loan processing, you get the following features:

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Atlos Cost Benefits!

Paperless Document Management | Loan Origination Software

Paper loan processing is not only time consuming, which costs money, but it also has many other less visible costs. An average loan file may equal 250 pages or more, so factor in the cost of file folders, the paper, copy supplies, fasteners and dividers, and onsite or offsite file storage and the costs keep going up. A file can easily exceed $40 to create and maintain.

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Get Rid of the Clutter & Start the Year Fresh With a Paperless Office!

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Business historically runs on paper. We sign it, move it around, mail it somewhere, and wait for it to come back. Even with computers, it is difficult for companies to break the paradigm that they need paper records. Atlos can help you break the mold and move to a paperless office.

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The Total Value of Eliminating Paper!

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Paper-based loan processing has been around for a long time, and many companies still process loans on paper. Perhaps they are comfortable with the old ways, or they think paperless systems are too expensive for their business. Let’s review the total cost of using paper-based loan systems, and you will quickly see that the Atlos paperless system is very cost effective.

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Why Choose Atlos?

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At Atlos, our commitment is to provide state-of-the-art loan processing software. We understand the needs of loan companies because we were founded in 2004 by a group of loan officers, bankers, and brokers in New Orleans, Louisiana who saw the need to move away from paper loan processing. The need to provide a web-based paperless system was then reinforced by Hurricane Katrina, which caused many banks and loan companies to lose their paper files in the storm’s floods.

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Build Customizable Web Forms for Data Entry

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If you continue to process loans using a paper trail, you need to convert to on-line processing. Atlos has built robust digital loan processing systems for our clients since 2009, after realizing there was a great need to move the industry away from paper loan processing. One area that frustrates many clients is the need for customizable forms.

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Use Web Form Data to Fill Any Document Template!

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It seems that new forms are needed every day for lenders to operate in today’s markets. Trying to keep up with paper documents means design, printing, distribution, and then making sure no one keeps using the old forms. It’s expensive and tedious. Atlos can solve that problem with our loan processing software.

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Store and Access All Loan Documents Online!

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Atlos was developed to help the lending industry with loan processing and document storage without the need for paper documents. As a result, loan processing is streamlined, loss of paper files from fire or weather events is eliminated, and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

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Making a Great Customer Experience!

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Great companies provide great customer service. That sounds easy, but the problem is many companies don’t know how to create an exceptional customer service experience. Some say it starts with the sales process, others in how the front office deals with customer complaints, and so on. There may not be one single answer to creating the best customer service experience, but one thing is clear. If the back end systems that support your business aren’t designed well or function badly, your customer service will suffer. This is where Atlos can help.

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Mortgage Document Imaging Advantages!

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Accuracy of mortgage loan processing is critical to avoid delays and reduce costs. In addition, the good old day of manually entering page after page of document information is not realistic in today’s market. Businesses must adapt to digital online technology to stay competitive. This is where Atlos can help you.

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