Atlos Cost Benefits!

Paperless Document Management | Loan Origination Software

Paper loan processing is not only time consuming, which costs money, but it also has many other less visible costs. An average loan file may equal 250 pages or more, so factor in the cost of file folders, the paper, copy supplies, fasteners and dividers, and onsite or offsite file storage and the costs keep going up. A file can easily exceed $40 to create and maintain.

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Atlos is a paperless system from beginning to end. You can create custom forms, allow simultaneous access to a file from different persons, and email or fax directly from the software. Any file changes are instantaneous, and the software security is robust to protect client information. Yet, with all these advantages, an Atlos loan file is $4.95, almost 90% less than a paper loan file.

If you are processing dozens of files monthly, or just a few, the savings are great and start immediately when you use the Atlos system. There is no easier way to start saving thousands of dollars per year. Simply switch to Atlos paperless loan processing. Your employees will be more productive, you won’t suffer the embarrassment of having a paper loan file lost or misplaced, and your customers will see improved efficiency and a professional result every time.

Unlike custom software that requires you to install and maintain, Atlos is a web-based system. You won’t need a costly IT group to maintain the system. You can slowly eliminate paper storage, you are protected from natural disasters or fires that might wipe out your old files, and you will avoid the costly errors of having paper documents filled out incorrectly.

Atlos will start saving you money immediately with our web-based loan processing software. Contact us today to see the cost benefits for your business!