ATLOS Features Overview

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ATLOS has developed a web-based paperless loan processing system which has helped lenders go paperless since its commercial introduction in 2010. Lenders can collect and store loan data and forms. Loan company employees can share documents seamlessly, instantly update files, and interact with clients without cumbersome paper files and the associated costs of using paper. Here are some of the features of the ATLOS loan processing systems:

loan origination software

  • Our web forms are easily customizable to meet your needs. You can create workflows, field rules, links to other forms or documents, and perform calculations.
  • PDF files can be imported, merged with existing loan documents, and used with custom digital signature fields. Form fields can include validation steps to ensure they are completed. Date and time fields can be automatically populated.
  • Digital signature fields use FIPS 140-2/3 level encryption.
  • You can create a required documents checklist to ensure a mortgage is not delayed.
  • The system accepts a wide variety of document formats including PNG, DOC, PDF, XLS, and JPG.
  • Multiple documents can be combined into a single PDF.
  • Documents can be viewed and sorted by category, group, and many more options.
  • Documents can be faxed or emailed directly from the ATLOS system.
  • Many other features are included, including document recognition, dashboard, an audit log, notifications, user permissions, and task management.

If you still handle paper loan documents, you are rapidly falling behind your competition. You are also incurring additional costs for the handling, mailing, printing, and storing of paper loan documents. Now is the time to contact ATLOS and let us show you how we can quickly convert your loan processing to a strong and secure paperless system. ATLOS customers can stay ahead of their competitors by using paperless loan processing, and you need to get rid of paper and convert to the ATLOS web-based paperless system. Contact us today for a consultation.