Software Solutions for a Paperless Office

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Having an office filled with paper can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get disorganized and it can be harmful to the environment to use primarily paper in the office. In addition, putting everything on paper is more time consuming than using digital formats. Continue reading “Software Solutions for a Paperless Office” »

The Advantages of Going Paperless

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Many companies have been processing loans using paper files for a long time and may feel comfortable with the existing systems. There are good reasons why companies should consider paperless loan processing using document management software from ATLOS, and not just for the convenience features. Let’s review them:

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Building a Team and Mortgage Process That Will Let You Work Less Hours

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The mortgage business is like any other, with long hours and lots of competition. Many mortgage companies subscribe to the theory that if a lot of hours is good, endless hours is better. The fallacy with that thinking is that eventually your employees will burn out and look elsewhere for a better life balance. With ATLOS, there’s a better way.

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The Digital Mortgage Conference — Worth It?

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The first Digital Mortgage Conference was held in San Francisco in December 2016. The mortgage industry is quickly realizing the value of digital channels to customers, and the conference highlighted several trends and technologies. Here are some highlights from the conference. Continue reading “The Digital Mortgage Conference — Worth It?” »

Top 3 Most Common Complaints About Mortgage Lending Processes

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When it comes to providing home loans, it’s important to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to ensure your clients feel comfortable making a decision that they can understand. We took the time to find out exactly what potential homebuyers loathe about the loan process to help you avoid creating negative experiences for them and possibly scaring them away altogether.

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ATLOS Features Overview

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ATLOS has developed a web-based paperless loan processing system which has helped lenders go paperless since its commercial introduction in 2010. Lenders can collect and store loan data and forms. Loan company employees can share documents seamlessly, instantly update files, and interact with clients without cumbersome paper files and the associated costs of using paper. Continue reading “ATLOS Features Overview” »

How Can Trended Credit Data Affect the Mortgage Industry?

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A major change in risk assessment within the mortgage industry occurred in September 2016 when Fannie Mae issued the latest version of its Desktop Underwriter Version 10.0. The reason this has such a large impact is the software now uses borrowers’ trended credit data. Continue reading “How Can Trended Credit Data Affect the Mortgage Industry?” »

Storing Financial Files Digitally

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In today’s world, storing financial information is important. When it comes to filing your taxes, keeping records safe for several years is critical. Mortgage loan processing is no different, with companies required to save records to support their transactions. This is where Atlos paperless loan processing can help. Before we discuss that, here’s information about how your clients can store information in a digital format.

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Document Imaging for the Mortgage Industry

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If you are still handling paper to process mortgage applications, you need to go digital. You can do this with Atlos paperless loan processing systems. If you have heard that systems like ours can’t handle document imaging, let us prove otherwise.

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How to Speed up Mortgage Closing with eSignature!

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With technology quickly advancing, the mortgage industry is incorporating a way to improve the consumer experience and expedite your mortgage closing with eSignature.

Atlos believes that going paperless with eSignature is the way to speed up the mortgage closing process and receive several benefits (sourced

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Are You Ready to go Paperless in Less Than 24 Hours?

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If you are tired of the hassles of loan processing with paper forms, you can be paperless with Atlos in less than 24 hours! It’s safe, organized, and best of all simple to use. When you choose Atlos paperless loan processing, you get the following features:

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Atlos Cost Benefits!

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Paper loan processing is not only time consuming, which costs money, but it also has many other less visible costs. An average loan file may equal 250 pages or more, so factor in the cost of file folders, the paper, copy supplies, fasteners and dividers, and onsite or offsite file storage and the costs keep going up. A file can easily exceed $40 to create and maintain.

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