3 Loan Management Software Features for Improving Borrower Experience

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It isn’t easy being a borrower. If a client is in need of a loan, this usually means the borrower is getting ready for a major life event. Whether they’re buying a home or attending college, they likely have a lot on their plate. Continue reading “3 Loan Management Software Features for Improving Borrower Experience” »

Millennials Purchasing Homes and Their Demands for a Digital Mortgage Experience

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Younger home buyers are entering the marketplace, and they have a different mindset about digital versus paper mortgage processing. Millennial and other younger homeowners are insisting that their mortgage processing be digital because these buyers are technically savvy and want a streamlined mortgage process.

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Social Media Marketing and What Loan Officers Should Know!

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If you are a loan officer and are not communicating with clients over social media, you will quickly lose many of those clients. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are no longer just restricted to teenagers and younger people. Continue reading “Social Media Marketing and What Loan Officers Should Know!” »

Is your Loan Management Strategy Secure?

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Managing our loans isn’t always easy, especially when we live such busy lives. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the way we manage our loans. This is because there is the potential for even greater loan management problems. If you manage your loans through email, you’re at risk for insecurity. Continue reading “Is your Loan Management Strategy Secure?” »

The Significance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Platform

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Having mortgage software that will operate properly on mobile devices is no longer just nice to have, but rather a necessity in today’s world. Smartphone use has grown significantly in the last few years, with a corresponding increase in the use of tablet computers. Continue reading “The Significance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Platform” »

Challenges Lenders Face Today

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Taking out a loan for a large sum of money is a necessity for most to be able to buy a home, but it’s still extremely daunting. This is making it increasingly difficult for lenders to do their jobs and provide loans. In order to convince potential home buyers that their information is safe and their loan is guaranteed it’s important to make them feel secure. Continue reading “Challenges Lenders Face Today” »

Why Loan Processing is Secure and Efficient

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Should this be “paperless” loan processing?

When you convert your loan processing from paper to ATLOS paperless documentation, you improve the security of your system immediately. You also will improve the efficiency of your operation by freeing up your employees from the hassles and drudgery of handling endless paper.

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How it Works!

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If you are a lender, whether you work with mortgages or banking, you may be interested in Loan Software. Loan Software is used for storing loan data and documents during the loan application process. With Loan Software, you can easily collect, store and share loan documentation. Continue reading “How it Works!” »

Software Solutions for a Paperless Office

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Having an office filled with paper can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get disorganized and it can be harmful to the environment to use primarily paper in the office. In addition, putting everything on paper is more time consuming than using digital formats. Continue reading “Software Solutions for a Paperless Office” »

The Advantages of Going Paperless

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Many companies have been processing loans using paper files for a long time and may feel comfortable with the existing systems. There are good reasons why companies should consider paperless loan processing using document management software from ATLOS, and not just for the convenience features. Let’s review them:

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Building a Team and Mortgage Process That Will Let You Work Less Hours

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The mortgage business is like any other, with long hours and lots of competition. Many mortgage companies subscribe to the theory that if a lot of hours is good, endless hours is better. The fallacy with that thinking is that eventually your employees will burn out and look elsewhere for a better life balance. With ATLOS, there’s a better way.

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How to Speed up Mortgage Closing with eSignature!

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With technology quickly advancing, the mortgage industry is incorporating a way to improve the consumer experience and expedite your mortgage closing with eSignature.

Atlos believes that going paperless with eSignature is the way to speed up the mortgage closing process and receive several benefits (sourced floify.com).

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