Build Customizable Web Forms for Data Entry

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If you continue to process loans using a paper trail, you need to convert to on-line processing. Atlos has built robust digital loan processing systems for our clients since 2009, after realizing there was a great need to move the industry away from paper loan processing. One area that frustrates many clients is the need for customizable forms.

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An advantage of the Atlos system is the ability to customize web forms. Loan processing consists of hundreds of data entries, all equally important and interconnected. If you convert to an off-the-shelf loan processing system, you will often end up with static data entry forms with no ability to customize them for your needs. Atlos’ system offers many advantages over other data entry systems:

  • A wide range of field types and validation options
  • You can link fields to create smart processes
  • Easily copy data from one field group to another
  • Create data rules for data entry to show “if and when” requirements
  • Use the Atlos API to link to other systems
  • Import and export data using strict file standards

Atlos loan processing will streamline your loan servicing with custom forms designed to ease entry, smooth workflow, and provide easy data input and recovery. Our system can be accessed by multiple personnel without cumbersome paper file handling. Corrections and changes are instantaneous and immediately accessible to all personnel.

You can continuously evolve and update your loan processing system with Atlos loan processing. No more static screens to be stuck with. No more data you can’t find, or don’t have a field to enter what you need. The system is infinitely flexible to suit your needs. Atlos has been building these systems for our clients for nearly a decade, and we are experts at giving you loan processing capability you have only dreamed about. Contact Atlos today and give your loan processing an instant boost in convenience and productivity.