Document Imaging for the Mortgage Industry

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If you are still handling paper to process mortgage applications, you need to go digital. You can do this with Atlos paperless loan processing systems. If you have heard that systems like ours can’t handle document imaging, let us prove otherwise.

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Once your loan file has been created, all documents in the file are available to anyone in your company to add information, make corrections, or approve using digital signatures. Paper documents received from other sources can be scanned, digitized, and added to the virtual file. Atlos’ system is highly secured, protecting your information and the clients as well. The file will be securely stored on Atlos servers as long as needed to meet your file retention standards. Your employees won’t be wasting time moving a paper file around or waiting in turn to input information.

Document imaging is critical to having a successful digital loan processing system. Mortgage applications are document-intensive loan systems, making a digital system highly efficient versus old-style paper processing. Using the Atlos system, you can:

  • Create a required documents checklist
  • Upload a wide variety of document formats, including PDF, DOC, XLS, PNG, JPG, and others
  • Compile multiple documents into a single PDF
  • Email or fax from the Atlos system
  • Request digital signatures
  • Securely store all loan information without the costs of paper storage

Atlos also provides a document recognition engine, a key part of handling digital records. The recognition engine can automatically recognize and sort incoming documents including credit information, disclosures, inspection documents, and any other document related to a mortgage loan application.

Atlos paperless loan processing is your answer to skyrocketing costs of handling paper loan files in a secure environment. As a loan processor, your liability can be greatly reduced by moving your loan processing to the secure digital environment of Atlos paperless processing.