Building a Team and Mortgage Process That Will Let You Work Less Hours

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The mortgage business is like any other, with long hours and lots of competition. Many mortgage companies subscribe to the theory that if a lot of hours is good, endless hours is better. The fallacy with that thinking is that eventually your employees will burn out and look elsewhere for a better life balance. With ATLOS, there’s a better way.

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The problem with traditional loan processing is the amount of time spent moving paper around. Studies show that as the hours increase, productivity decreases. A Stanford University study showed that productivity starts to drop after 50 hours per week and additional hours didn’t restore any of that lost productivity.

So, how do you create productivity? One way is to give your loan officers tools that make their workflow easier and leading to higher productivity. ATLOS can provide that with our paperless loan processing system. Instead of having employees move paper files from desk to desk, all loan data is instantly available on any computer at any time. File changes are instantaneous, information can be shared among peers with no delay, and you can get customers to sign forms digitally without delays waiting for documents to be mailed back and forth.

Taking your office digital can be one of the biggest productivity boosts you will see in the short term. Your employees will be more efficient, you will enjoy reduced costs from losing all the paper handling, and you will enjoy greater productivity from an office not bogged down in paper. Your clients should also be happier as they will see their loans handled more efficiently.

ATLOS was established in 2008 with the intent to offer digital loan processing products to our industry. We have worked in the loan processing industry and know the problems paper loan processing can have. Our goal is to provide you robust, secure, and efficient loan processing systems to let you outpace your competition. Contact us today for a consultation.