Six Benefits of an All-In-One Loan Origination System

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Are you a loan company whose loan origination software consists of a patchwork of different systems? This approach can be cumbersome, slow down your employees, and even lead to loss of customer data. Having one system that is designed as an all-in-one program, like that used by ATLOS, will simplify your loan processing, reduce employee stress, and ensure customer data are secure yet accessible.

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What are some advantages of all-in-one loan processing?

  • If your business includes different marketing groups, you can use an all-in-one system to capture client information and easily make it accessible for cross-selling. Capturing the client information and demographics at the initiation of the loan will make it easier to offer the client additional services if the opportunity arises later.
  • You can better manage your overall relationship with your clients when you have all their information stored correctly in a single system.
  • A single client system acting as an all-in-one portal makes access simple when you have different administrators or managers handling parts of the loan process for a single client.
  • Reporting of client activity, feedback, or demographics is simplified by having all the information in one place.
  • As the system owner, you have to train new employees. Using an all-in-one loan system makes training much simpler than having to introduce multiple systems.
  • When you obtain your loan origination system from ATLOS, you only have to deal with us for system information, troubleshooting, or developing new custom modules to suit your needs.

For all these reasons, ATLOS paperless loan processing is the ideal all-in-one loan origination and processing system. Client information is secure yet easily accessed by anyone in your organization who needs it. Software updates occur seamlessly because we are a web-based system — no discs or drives to load to keep our product up-to-date. Any no paper files to handle, store, and protect. You need ATLOS to move ahead of your competitors — contact us today!