Social Media Marketing and What Loan Officers Should Know!

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If you are a loan officer and are not communicating with clients over social media, you will quickly lose many of those clients. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are no longer just restricted to teenagers and younger people. A majority of all groups, perhaps with the exception of those 65 years and older, are regularly using social media for social, business, and research purposes. You need to be present and participating in social media to capture younger prospective home buyers.

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Social media requires a different approach from conventional marketing channels. Use social media for the soft sell, referrals, educating your prospects on aspects of your business, and building relationships. The content you create should be more conversational, can we even say fun, than a traditional somber marketing message. Social media, particularly Twitter with its current 140 character limit, lends itself well to snippets of information. Tease the clients with these snippets and they will be hungry to see more.

Don’t be afraid of photos and video. Make a short video on some aspect of the mortgage business and post it. Interact with those who comment — it’s death on social media to put information there and then ignore commenters or potential clients seeking more information. Ask for photos of clients who you have helped close on their new home. Make sure you tag them in your post; this will link the information to their social media pages and is a great way to get referrals from their friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for those referrals as well.

ATLOS is how you support the client once you have a contract with them, by managing their mortgage on a paperless platform. ATLOS can store all data related to their mortgage, fill and e-sign PDFs, manage all documents and attachments for the mortgage platform in virtually all formats, and automatically update all documents in real time as you make changes or corrections. You can eliminate costly secured paper file storage costs and a lot of postage by handling all documents in a digital format.

If you plan to enter the social media environment to grow your mortgage business, now is the time to also migrate to the ATLOS web-based paperless loan processing system. Contact us today for more information, then get out there and tweet about it!