Software Solutions for a Paperless Office

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Having an office filled with paper can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get disorganized and it can be harmful to the environment to use primarily paper in the office. In addition, putting everything on paper is more time consuming than using digital formats. If you’re tired of all the paper, we have the tips you need to transition to technology. At ATLOS, we are an online lending software that allows lenders to collect and store customer data. In addition, we also help users fill and e-sign forms, manage documents, and so much more. To read more about our paper-saving services, read on.

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With ATLOS, you can manage your documents with ease. No more filing cabinets and folders filled with paperwork. With our document management, you can create document checklists and compile corresponding documents together. You can also choose to view your documents based on their status, category and more, so you can simply stay organized. ATLOS supports a variety of different file types, so you can access documents ranging from .PDF to .DOCX and beyond.

In addition to our document managers, data storage, digital forms and electronic signatures, users can also benefit from security. When using ATLOS, you can have confidence that your documents and files are secure and private. Sharing documents with co-workers and business partners is made simple, but files you want to keep private are locked away from others. Our secure tier 4 data center has security and monitoring servers that offer the highest level of security and redundancy. This certified security system is sure to keep your data private and safe.

If you’re interested in the paperless services ATLOS can provide for you and your business, reach out to us! You can reach us by email at, by phone at 255-308-8843, or come see us in person. We look forward to working with you!