Get Rid of the Clutter & Start the Year Fresh With a Paperless Office!

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Business historically runs on paper. We sign it, move it around, mail it somewhere, and wait for it to come back. Even with computers, it is difficult for companies to break the paradigm that they need paper records. Atlos can help you break the mold and move to a paperless office.

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What are some perceived barriers to going paperless?

  • The perception that government requirements meant paper records. This may have been true in the past, but is rarely true today. Even the government accepts that digital records have value.
  • Legal documents have to be paper-based. Again, probably a carryover from the past, and not based on reality. Digital documents and signatures are accepted in a wide variety of legal practices.
  • Paper is durable, and computer records quickly become obsolete. It is true that some older computer document formats are obsolete and difficult to recover, but there are formats today such as PDF and JPEG that should be around for a long time. Paper is also not durable; just look at the businesses that have been destroyed lately by storms or flooding disasters.
  • People need paper to understand forms and contracts. We are now surrounded by computers and software, and many people are comfortable with using digital document formats. There may be people who don’t have access to computers to review digital files, but they can be accommodated with paper as needed. A business should not base their file system on the exceptions.
  • The perception that paper is cheaper. Paper itself may not be expensive, but you have to factor in the costs of throwing paper away when document changes are made, mailing costs, labor costs to print and distribute files, printer costs, and secure storage costs for archived files. It quickly adds up to a number which can be greatly reduced by going digital.

With Atlos loan processing software, you now have the ability to go paperless. Document prep, distribution, client signatures, and archived storage can all be handled digitally in a highly secure and easily accessed system. Document changes are instantaneous, employees can access documents without handling files, attachments can be added to a file as needed, and transferring files can be accomplished without mail or courier costs. Contact Atlos today and let us show you that now is the time for your business to be paperless.