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Loan Origination Software | Paperless Document Management

Atlos was developed to help the lending industry with loan processing and document storage without the need for paper documents. As a result, loan processing is streamlined, loss of paper files from fire or weather events is eliminated, and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

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It is simplistic to call Atlos a file storage system, because it is so much more. Along with securely storing all customer loan documents, you can access and review any document directly in the Atlos system with no third-party software required. All documents can be edited with ease, placed in a different order, or merged seamlessly. Files can be annotated with comments or notes, sections can be highlighted for attention, and information can be extracted as needed.

There are additional advantages to the Atlos system:

  • Upload a wide variety of formats directly to the system including PDF, TIFF, JPG, DOC, or PNG
  • Create document stacks for processing by different investors
  • Barcoding or OCR can be used to index documents automatically
  • Add tags for a variety of categories
  • Email or fax documents directly from the Atlos system, no manual handling needed

Because you handle confidential client information on a daily basis, the security of your storage system is paramount. Perhaps you are incurring great expense maintaining paper loan documents in a secure facility. Atlos can eliminate all that paper with our highly secure storage. You will no longer have to worry about natural disasters, floods, or fires because our system stores your data in the cloud on secured servers. You can review archived documents at any time, but you avoid the tedious task of manually searching paper files for a needed document.

Atlos has been building paperless secure loan processing software since 2008. If you are tired of handling paper files, contact us and begin using the best paperless loan processing system your money can buy.