The Advantages of Going Paperless

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Many companies have been processing loans using paper files for a long time and may feel comfortable with the existing systems. There are good reasons why companies should consider paperless loan processing using document management software from ATLOS, and not just for the convenience features. Let’s review them:

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Security — Loan paperwork contains a lot of personal information from your clients, including financial and credit information that is increasingly important for thieves. There are very few locks on file cabinets and doors that cannot be broken by a determined crook. However, if you use a document management system from ATLOS, you have no paper files to be compromised, and our files are secured by the highest levels of security protection. You can add layers of security protection to keep your client information confidential. You also gain a tracking history so you can review when files are accessed and edited to ensure no one is reviewing information without authorization.

Secure document storage — Paper files require on-site or expensive off-site storage, with the potential for files to be lost, misplaced, or damaged by fire or natural disasters. ATLOS secure file storage is secure, backed up, and remote from your physical location to protect it. Think what you would do if your business ever caught fire or was destroyed by a storm, then consider paperless loan processing to keep your documents safe.

Financial savings — It’s your business and you need to help the bottom line. Think of all the labor costs to handle, file, search, and store paper files. Going to a paperless document system will provide great cost savings and improve employee productivity by allowing them to handle your clients, not push paper around.

Consistent documentation — A paperless document system is accessible to employees as needed, and when changes are made they are instantaneous across the document paperwork. If you are handling the financial information you are required by regulations to maintain the integrity of the client information. ATLOS paperless loan processing will help keep files consistent and secure.

Connecting different systems and documents — Rather than having different storage locations for different types of letters or documents, ATLOS permits you to integrate all types of documents into one digital file for each client. Letters, spreadsheets, even images can be stored digitally and retrieved instantaneously.

If you are still handling paper loan documentation, call ATLOS today for a consultation. Use our system and start saving money. You will also provide your customers a higher level of service with ATLOS paperless document management.