The Need for an Automated Loan Processing System

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Today’s digital age has created a customer who is more technology-savvy and perhaps more impatient for rapid results. Computers and mobile devices get faster as do Internet connection speeds. Customers looking for a loan expect the processing to occur at the same speeds as their mobile phone. Conventional loan processing with paper files cannot keep up with these expectations, but the ATLOS web-based loan processing system will easily meet your impatient customers’ expectations.

An automated loan processing system needs to meet the following criteria to be successful:

  • Data entry and management are simplified and streamlined
  • Loan documents can be processed in parallel, rather than sequentially
  • Documents can be easily searched or tracked anywhere in the system
  • Audit trails are transparent and able to look at any details
  • Manual entry is minimized once critical loan information is entered
  • Regulatory compliance is met or exceeded
  • Changes to file data occur simultaneously at all points in the system

The more automation you can create in your loan processing, the greater will be your savings. In addition, your employees will be less frustrated by delays waiting for an update to occur somewhere else, thereby improving productivity. Using the ATLOS web-based system will also eliminate or greatly reduce paper file storage with its associated costs. The ATLOS system also resides on our servers, eliminating the need to have expensive computer or server systems at your business location and having to perform software updates.

The ATLOS loan processing system will make your loan processing more efficient through all stages of a loan; origination, risk determination, underwriting, and loan management. A client’s files are digital, can accept a wide range of document types, accessible by any approved person in your organization, and quickly audited and reviewed for compliance. Your loan processing company needs the ATLOS paperless system — contact us today for a consultation.