The Significance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Platform

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Having mortgage software that will operate properly on mobile devices is no longer just nice to have, but rather a necessity in today’s world. Smartphone use has grown significantly in the last few years, with a corresponding increase in the use of tablet computers. There are many consumers who no longer use a laptop or desktop computer but instead, rely only on mobile devices for their interactions with online businesses.

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This growing use of mobile devices isn’t just from Internet searches or email. Studies show that a significant percentage of mobile devices are used for business activities, shopping, banking, and other uses far beyond the old days of calls, texts, and perhaps email. This is significant because it clearly indicates the need for business to operate on mobile-friendly platforms. The use of mobile devices including phones and tablets will only increase, and the trend is migrating to business use as well.

You can be assured that ATLOS paperless loan software will operate correctly and efficiently on mobile devices. ATLOS is a web-based platform accessible from any browser on a computer or mobile device. You can easily customize our forms to suit your needs, make entries and request electronic signatures, manage documents and all types of attached files, even use a document recognition engine that will sort and prioritize your disclosures and other documents.

With ATLOS, you don’t have to waste time and money handling paper files. Any changes to a client file are instantaneous and available immediately to anyone using the software. There is a dashboard to manage files, a task manager, notification system, even an audit log providing a comprehensive record of all document actions to satisfy the customer or regulatory needs.

It’s time to update your mortgage loan processing, both to eliminate paper and to have a program that meets the growing need for mobile-friendly platforms. ATLOS should be your choice — contact us today for more information about our features and benefits.