Use Web Form Data to Fill Any Document Template!

Loan Origination Software | Paperless Loans

It seems that new forms are needed every day for lenders to operate in today’s markets. Trying to keep up with paper documents means design, printing, distribution, and then making sure no one keeps using the old forms. It’s expensive and tedious. Atlos can solve that problem with our loan processing software.

With Atlos you are able to add the forms you need and do this whenever you want. You don’t need to know how to code web pages or learn complex software. Atlos lets you quickly design the forms you need with an easy-to-use interface. It is a simple process of choosing the data field you wish, and then checking the data you wish to use in that field. The Atlos system is safe, simple, and intuitive.

Some of the features of Atlos document templates include creating document template groups that work dynamically, create different types of data fields including text, buttons, or check boxes, and setting fields as required and must be filled in to continue.

As with all parts of the Atlos system, you not only create these document templates, you will be able to send them to anyone you wish. Email or fax systems work seamlessly with the Atlos data system, and all documents are searchable and securely stored for future use if needed.

Atlos stands for Automated Tracking Loan Origination Software. We have been satisfying customers since 2008, and understand the needs of lenders who wish to move away from paper-based loan processing. Our mission is to be the lending industry leader for cloud-based secure loan processing software. Our software is easy to use, robust, and secure. It’s also affordable when compared to all the hidden costs of maintaining paper records. Contact us today for more information about the Atlos loan origination system.