The Total Value of Eliminating Paper!

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Paper-based loan processing has been around for a long time, and many companies still process loans on paper. Perhaps they are comfortable with the old ways, or they think paperless systems are too expensive for their business. Let’s review the total cost of using paper-based loan systems, and you will quickly see that the Atlos paperless system is very cost effective.

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First, let’s list some of the costs to use paper-based loans:

  • Costs to design, print, and store paper documents
  • Labor costs to type and correct files
  • Costs to make copies including labor, printer cost, and supplies
  • Labor to proofread forms
  • On-site or off-site secure storage of completed loans
  • Loss of customer confidence if files are lost or destroyed

If you multiply this cost for all of the forms needed to process a loan, expenses quickly escalate. Sales documents, inspections, credit checks, approval forms, and many others all lead to a mounting pile of expensive paper.

Now you can eliminate all that paper with the Atlos web-based loan processing system. Forms can be produced easily to meet your needs. Corrections are instantaneous across any forms using those data. Paper storage, printing, and copying is eliminated. Your organization or the client can be faxed or emailed for approvals and digital signatures.

Now add to that an increase in customer confidence that their information is being handled efficiently and securely, and you will see an increase in your bottom line. No more delays waiting for a paper file to be delivered and hopefully not misplaced. Your employees will enjoy reduced stress and improved productivity. It’s a win for the customers who see improved loan approval times, and a win for you and your company from seeing the total value of eliminating paper. Contact Atlos today and tell us how your paper-based loan problems are hurting your business, and let us show you how Atlos can make those problems go away.