Why Choose Atlos?

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At Atlos, our commitment is to provide state-of-the-art loan processing software. We understand the needs of loan companies because we were founded in 2004 by a group of loan officers, bankers, and brokers in New Orleans, Louisiana who saw the need to move away from paper loan processing. The need to provide a web-based paperless system was then reinforced by Hurricane Katrina, which caused many banks and loan companies to lose their paper files in the storm’s floods.

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By 2008, Atlos was released and became commercially available. Since then, we have helped many loan companies move from paper-based loans to a robust, secure, and customer-friendly web-based loan system. We are fully committed to providing excellent customer service, communicate with our customers, and look for ways to continually improve our product.

Why choose Atlos? We think the features of our software speak for themselves:

  • Collect, store, and share all data electronically
  • Eliminate paper loan file handling and storage
  • Reduce data errors and labor required to correct them
  • Create custom forms specific to your company’s needs
  • Allow customers to electronically sign forms, eliminating paper mail and lost files
  • Instantly update loan files with new data
  • All employees can see a file and input, eliminating the need to pass around a paper file
  • Improve productivity and customer satisfaction from more efficient loan processing
  • Significantly reduce costs by eliminating paper

Atlos is on a mission to provide the loan industry the standard for web-based loan processing software.We would love to discuss your loan software needs, and help you eliminate paper loan processing from your business.