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ATLOS was established in 2008 for the purpose of developing and licensing loan software for the lending industry. ATLOS stands for Automated Tracking Loan Origination Software. ATLOS was built from the ground up by experienced mortgage professionals with more than 50 years of combined industry experience.

Our History

In 2004, a group of mortgage brokers, bankers and loan officers in New Orleans, Louisiana worked together to identify ways to streamline and automate loan underwriting and processing. At the time most mortgage companies and banks were primarily paper based lending operations. This group identified a need to electronically store all loan data and documents online.

The goal was to significantly improve access to information, collaboration, security, and disaster recovery. As early as 2005, many of the features in the current ATLOS system were already utilized by mortgage companies in Louisiana. Then Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area and many lenders lost all of their paper loan files. The companies using ATLOS were able to continue to access their loan files electronically.

In 2008 ATLOS was formally established and became commercially available in 2010. ATLOS was born in the cloud as a hosted solution, and our vast experience as a web-based lending software make us the right choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the lending industry’s standard for web-based loan software. We strive to improve lending automation, while maintaining usability and affordability.

Our Commitment

ATLOS is committed to quality customer service – putting our clients first. We strive to effectively communicate with our clients, in order to better understand their needs, and uncover new features that will help their companies maximize efficiency.

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