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Build Customizable Web Forms for Data Entry

Loan applications can consist of hundreds of different data entry fields. This application data is critical for lending decisions, document preparation, compliance, and more. ATLOS web form builder allows lenders to constantly evolve, by providing the ability to quickly add or update the type of loan data that they collect.

ATLOS is a Data Centric System

Most loan origination systems today use static data entry forms. They are typically hard to customize to your specific lending needs. With ATLOS web form builder you can build dynamic web forms for any type of data entry. Lenders can manage data for any type of loan, such as mortgage loans, commercial loans, personal loans, auto loans, and more.

  • Many different field types and validation options to choose from
  • Link fields together to create smart applications
  • Copy data from any group of fields to another group of fields
  • Create rules for if and when data has to be entered
  • Use our API to integrate other systems with ATLOS
  • Import or Export data using FNM 3.2 file standards

ATLOS web form data can be used to drive rules within the system. The data can be used to create document types, and task lists.

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Custom Data Entry Fields

Quickly create many different types of data entry fields used for loan applications.

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API Integration

Use our RESTful API to POST or GET any data element from the ATLOS webform.

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